Order by 11am for telephone/email orders & 2pm for web orders for Next Day Delivery.

Order by 11am for telephone/email orders & 2pm for web orders for Next Day Delivery.

The 1810 Company launch QFIT – a revolutionary new kitchen tap range

The 1810 team are excited to announce the launch of QFIT – a brand new, innovative kitchen tap concept.

Our QFIT taps drastically reduce installation time and can be fitted single-handedly in approximately 7 minutes – rather than the lengthy two-man procedure as is currently the norm.

Current tap installation methods are often time consuming, labour intensive and troublesome partly due to the need to gain access to the underside of the sink area. This in itself can be problematic and any available work space is often very limited.

QFIT taps from The 1810 Company are supplied completely pre-assembled and, unlike traditional installation methods, are installed from above the sink, allowing for a very quick and straightforward installation.

The QFIT tap is inserted into the tap hole on the worksurface or sink top and the clamp screw is then tightened with a power screwdriver to lock the clamp plate to the underside of the mounting surface.

The tap body is then placed over the flange and simply aligned using the location pin. The grub screw at the rear of the tap can now be tightened and the tap is fully installed and ready for connection to the water supply via the pre-fitted flexi tails.

Due to the torque tightened installation method, the QFIT tap is 100% reliable and eliminates remedial work.

The QFIT design is available in Cascata and Courbe tap models in chrome and brushed steel finish. There are plans for additional models to be added to the range later in the year.

If you would like to find out more, please click here to view the informative QFIT installation video.

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